Первое письмо иностранцу

Первое письмо иностранцу Hello, dear! Thank you attention very much! Let me say shortly about myself: as you know. My name is ……. I’m …… y.o. I’m living in the small provincial town …………….. Though it is a center of the ………… It is a very quiet and beautiful place. But my soul is alone. I can not admire the beauty of nature, when I have no my special man next to me. I’m working on a telecommunication station. This job is very important for people. In my spare time I like to go to nature, perhaps just for a walk or to make a picnic with friends. I like every kind of nature: forest, seaside, mountains. There are always something peculiar and charming in nature to my mind! Also I like to read historical books; sometimes, I go to the theater. During my holidays I prefer to travel: it is very interesting to learn something new to see new places and countries. especially some ancient cities with outstanding architecture and history.My hobby is cooking. I like cooking very much and making home cozy and nice. It would be wonderful to do all that for my special husband.I consider myself slender and beautiful, with my brown eyes and chestnut hair. My friends say: I’m a very interesting person with sense of humor, kind and sincere, tender and careful. I’m a good housewife, an honest person, who is able for real passion. Sorry, I have no my own computer; I use a computer and a paid translator of my marriage agency. So, I think, this is enough for the first letter. Please, tell me more about yourself: do you like your job? What are your interests and hobbies? How do you imagine your future family? I’m waiting for your answer and for your photo in size no more than 100KB with great impatience! Sincerely yours, Valentina.

Вежливый отказ.
Уважаемый господин! Я благодарю Вас за Ваше внимание к моей персоне, Вы действительно замечательный человек, но, к моему большому сожалению, я не чувствую, что мы могли быть хорошей парой. Всего Вам наилучшего!

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